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accuracy subject to notes below regarding this Database.

For a thoughtful professional recommendation with availability and rates double checked please allow up to 24 hours for our response

Notes about accessing
the charter database

The databases presenting availability are improving but do to complexity of the charter experience can only be partially relied upon.

While they are useful for gaining an insight on availability for your specific dates, they are not intended to be by interpreted by the public and certainly are not the last word of availability.

Current database design is not able to account for all variables in charter schedules. Many, perhaps the majority of searches will have "False Positive" and/or "False Negative" results.

Your 1st Class Yacht Charter Professional will evaluate your request and accurately make recommendations of yachts available in for your dates in the area you request.


False Positive
(Yacht shows as available but is not)

  1. Yachts which charter part of the year in the designated are but out of area during the time of your charter dates,
  2. Yacht is the area but too far from your desired pickup location will show open.
  3. Booked charters not updated on this database, or owner's time planned but not registered on this database.
  4. Yacht is not actively accepting charters for that time period. This is common for close to date charters as well as those planned long in advance.
  5. planned maintenance, or vacation, dates not blocked.

False Negative
(Yacht does not show as available but actually is)

  1. Yacht is new to charter and not yet fully integrated into the database.
  2. Yacht does not subscribe to this particular database.
  3. Yacht may be willing to relocate to a new area or has done so to accommodate another charter or owners schedule.
  4. Cancellation no yet posted.



Your 1st Class Yacht Professional uses a variety of resources
and 20 years experience in making a recommendation as well as
identifying any "Specials" which may currently be offered.

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